Noras Noms is small, home-operated business providing filling snacks for your outdoor adventures. We started making our own dried fruit, nut and cereal bars to fuel our skiing, mountain biking, climbing and walking trips a few years ago and realised that we shouldn’t keep such a good thing to ourselves. We aim to fill our products with good (preferably organic) ingredients, that have no added sugar or preservatives - and we make them fairly beefy so that you won’t (immediately) want another one. The idea is to provide you with an easy-to-grab, wholesome and filling ball of goodness so that you can focus on playing. Visit our Facebook page to read some testimonials from folks who’ve tried them - both indoors and out!

Have fun: as you might have realised, Noras Noms is all about being active and having fun in the outdoors, regardless of your level of ‘hardcore-ness’! We believe that the best skier/climber/biker is the one who has the most fun.

Good stuff: we’d like you to be able to read a list of ingredients and not only know exactly what everything is, but also know that you probably have it all in your own cupboard.

Local stuff
: we are committed to using what we can from local producers and businesses. That’s why we use Scottish porridge oats, and Scottish wholesalers and printers. If you have any suggestions for other ingredients or services that we could source close to home, please get in touch.

Why ‘noms’ and ‘balls’?
Don’t worry, we didn’t know what ‘noms’ meant until a friend suggested it and we looked it up. It is one of them new fangled words, but rather fitting for our purposes...

Why ‘balls’ rather than ‘bars’? Why not? Bars get old. Who needs corners anyway? Hopefully their unique shape will help them survive months forgotten in the bottom of your dirty rucksack…

What’s here?
Check out the ‘Eat.’ pages for more information about our products, and visit ‘Play’ to check out some recent adventures where our noms kept us going. We would love to hear about your adventures too - send us photos and stories of your outside fun or visit our Facebook page and upload them directly.