In climbing lingo, a ‘highball’ refers to a bouldering problem that is quite a bit higher than is comfortable. This means that the problem has an extra element of risk, because of an increased probability of hurting oneself if you fall. Solution: big balls, don’t fall (NB: we mean figurative balls here, hence the highballing woman on our labels!). Our Highballs are daring in their lack of oats or gluten, instead we use dried fruit and importantly, puffed brown rice - which gives them a very unique taste. A bit lighter that Chamballs or Mudballs, Highballs are a great snack for quick energy (provided by fruit sugars). Disclaimer: Highballs will not give you big balls.

Ingredients: dried apricots, cashew nuts, honey, peanut butter, dried coconut, puffed brown rice, hemp seed, sea salt. Contains: peanuts, nuts